Instant Pot - Gluten Free Stuffing


Break up one loaf of gluten free bread into small pieces. Set aside in a large mixing bowl.


Turn Instant Pot on to saute normal function and add some margarine.


Add some chopped onion (and celery if using) to the Pot. Stir until onion is starting to soften.


Pour broth and seasonings into the Pot with the margarine and onions. Continue stirring until well combined. Turn the Instant Pot off.


Using oven mitts carefully pour this liquid over the bread crumbs in the mixing bowl. Stir well so that all the bread crumbs are moistened.


Spray a silicone bundt mold with cooking spray and pour the stuffing into it.


Cover the stuffing with tin foil and seal the edges. Poke a small hole in the top to correspond with hole of the mold.


Add water to the Instant Pot. Place trivet inside and carefully place the mold on top. Place lid on Pot, turn steam release handle sealing position and set Pot to Pressure Cook High for 20 minutes.


When cooking time is done do Natural Release for 5 minutes before venting.  Carefully remove the tin foil. Transfer  stuffing to serving dish and mix well.


Broil for crunchy top if desired. Serve and enjoy!