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Gluten Free Brownie Brittle

Gluten Free Brownie Brittle is a nice light, crisp snack that is loaded with chocolate flavour.  Your guests will not even notice that it is gluten free. The finished product is only limited by your imagination.  Choose your favourite gluten free toppings, to sprinkle on all, or parts of the Brownie Brittle before baking. This delicous …

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Air Fryer Skillet Brownies – Gluten Free

These fudgy, triple chocolate brownies are a decadent treat if you have been avoiding desserts due to a gluten intolerance.  Baked in mini cast iron skillets these brownies do not disappoint.                  This delicious recipe yields 2 thin skillet brownies or one deep skillet brownie when baked in 5.5″ cast …

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Chocolate Pecan Squares – Gluten Free

Chocolate Pecan Squares are a rich, flavourful dessert square that will be the perfect addition to any dessert tray.   This gluten free dessert square will surprise your guests that are able to consume a regular diet. A shortbread base and butter tart topping, loaded with chocolate chips and chopped pecans, make this an irresistible …

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