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Sweet Chili Thai Tuna Casserole – Gluten Free

Sweet Chili Thai Tuna Casserole is an easy stove top recipe that provides lots of flavour and a bit of heat. This gluten free pasta dish is loaded with tuna and vegetables to provide a hearty meal for the whole family. This colourful recipe provides a variety of textures and flavours with every bite. This …

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Festive Poutine – Gluten Free

With Canadian Thanksgiving behind us and American Thanksgiving around the corner, Festive Poutine is an easy, tasty way to use up some holiday meal leftovers. Festive Poutine is loaded with chopped turkey and gluten free Instant Pot Festive Stuffing from this site.   This particular stuffing contains chopped pecans, bacon crumble and dried cranberries which …

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