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Sides For Summer BBQs

As the nicer weather arrives it is time to pull out that BBQ and do some grilling.  Whether you are grilling at home or invited to bring side dishes to a BBQ the gluten free recipes below are sure to be a hit even for those that can eat gluten.

Sweet Chili Thai Tuna Casserole is an easy stove top recipe that provides lots of flavour and a bit of heat.

Loaded Coleslaw is a refreshing side dish in the warmer weather.  This colourful salad is loaded with bacon, tomatoes, cucumbers, Asian pears and then smothered in a slightly sweet yet tangy dressing.Thanks to the Instant Pot egg loaf method, egg salad sandwiches and egg dip for crackers are now on the menu a couple of times a month!

Pasta salads are a popular side dish at any summer meal.  Pasta is versatile and what salad you mix up is only limited by your imagination!

One thing I do if making a pasta salad, is reserve some of the sauce to stir in just before serving.  This will return it to its freshly made state.

Easy Pasta Salad uses few ingredients and can be made quickly.

Clickable link below for Easy Pasta Salad.

I turned one of our favourite dips into a pasta salad so that I have another quick and easy recipe for those summer get togethers.

Clickable link below for Million Dollar Pasta Salad.

Stove Top Salmon Casserole can be eaten warm or cold, so I often take it to a BBQ as a pasta salad.

Clickable link below for Stove Top Salmon Casserole.

Sweet Chili Thai Tuna Casserole is another recipe to share with friends that can be eaten warm or cold.

Clickable link below for Sweet Chili Thai Tuna Casserole.

For dill lovers one of my favourite salads is Creamy Lemon Dill Pasta Salad.  It is loaded with vegetables and hard boiled eggs all smothered in a flavourful dressing and topped with extra dill.

Clickable link below for Creamy Lemon Dill Pasta Salad.

Pasta salads may be a summer BBQ favourite but you could also opt to contribute a Loaded Coleslaw.

This side salad uses a packaged coleslaw mix for convenience but is also loaded with extra vegetables

and some Asian pears.

Clickable link below for Loaded Coleslaw.

Sometimes to change it up a bit I will make up a batch of Dressed Up Egg Salad to have at a BBQ or gathering.  Instead of using it in sandwiches I will serve it as a dip.

Clickable link below for Dressed Up Egg Salad.

Enhance all your summer BBQs by working your way through the above recipes.  You, your family and friends will not be disappointed with the results!